School Talent Show

Technically, this was called the "Club Launching Ceremony," and was an opportunity to publicize the different clubs at Collège Moderne de Cocody. Somewhere around 2/5 into the event, however, it became a talent show. 

I can't tell you how much I loved watching my students shine through passions I hadn't yet seen! As much as possible, I try to ensure that my lessons and classes engage students in a variety of ways. If students don't enjoy English, at least I can appeal to their love of music, poetry, dance, acting, etc. While this strategy often works, there's nothing like seeing the students at home in their own interests and endeavors. Below is a clip that I made of some of the acts. It doesn't do the day justice, but it gives a small taste of the jubilation, talent, and spirit that my students have. (And no, I don't know how older, definitely-not-student-age performers got thrown into the mix, but hey, on est ensemble!).

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