MARCH 2017

If today is at all indicative of the joy, community, laughs, love, and surprises that are in store for me as a 23 year old, then I can already consider this year a success :)

I hadn't anticipated that my birthday would be very festive. Though I love parties and celebrating other people's birthdays, I rarely get around to organizing anything for my own, and don't often draw attention to its approach. So when I woke, very early and very sweaty (the AC stopped working right before we went to bed!), I imagined that the day would be pretty standard.

I should really know better by now than to think my friends (particularly Ivoirians!) won't celebrate if they have the chance.

I arrived at school and every teacher had their class sing "Happy Birthday" to me! In Mr. Bolo's class, it turned out that another student was also celebrating her birthday, so she and I actually sang to each other. By the time I went back to the teachers' lounge for lunch, I was already on cloud 9. Little did I know, the teachers were just getting started! Ouattara had purchased me my favorite meal: poulet braissé, attiéké, and alloco. On top of that, he bought me three big bottles of degue, a delicious custardy dessert that I always buy on Wednesdays. Before I could start to dig into my meal, let alone one of the bottles of degue, the teacher's lounge door opened, Jeanine came in carrying


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